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A homage to those who rocked-out with the Super Jock and/or seen FM album-oriented rock emerge. If you remember "Animal Stories," or the infamous "Disco Demolition," we have a treat for you!


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Sing the Jingle!

AM Radio: WLS, WCFL, Larry Lujack, Bob Sirott, et al.


Yes, there was a time when it was not embarrassing to listen to AM radio. Cripes, it was all that was out there.  

Ahh, AM radio. The songs that would cut-out when you went under and overpass. The music surveys you would pick-up at your local record store, the jocks who thought they were soooo cool.  

Those were the days ... I suppose!  

Listen to the jingles...
Super CFL
And who was driving top-40 gems like Terry Jack's number one hit, "Seasons in the Sun," and Elton John's, "Philadelphia Freedom?"  

Blame these guys, primarily:  

John Landecker Bob Sirott Larry Lujack
From left to right:
John "Records" Landecker, Bob Sirott, and Larry "Super Jock" Lujack


FM: No Static at All -- WDAI, WLUP, Steve Dahl in 1979


Listen to the jingles...
WLUP TV Commercial snip

Consumer electronics of the era...


These ads of the era (1978) were all from
newspaper supplement.


Playback-yak-yak-yak-yak-yak ... the Electronic Playground!



Pacific Stereo

Pacific Stereo




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WLS, WCFL Surveys


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Life is a Rock, WLS told me!


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